Global Playground Announces New Teaching Fellows

Wednesday, May 06, 2015 | posted by Katherine Ambrose |
Global Playground could not be happier to announce the selection of its two newest Teaching Fellows! Both graduate from the College of William & Mary this year, and will be invaluable assets to the Global Playground team.

Amanda Cordray, William & Mary '15 has been selected to serve as Global Playground's 2015-16 Thailand Fellow. Amanda will live and teach at a high school in Mae La Noi, Thailand, in the Northern province of Mae Hong Son, and will also volunteer at a school in nearby Huay Puung Mai, Thailand. Her responsibilities will include teaching English, building Global Playground's relationship with the school community, and connecting students at the school with children at Global Playground's other project sites around the world.

Kendall Lorenzen, William & Mary '15 has been selected to serve as Global Playground's 2015-17 Global Fellow. For two years, Kendall will travel to and live at Global Playground's project sites around the world, in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, the Philippines, Honduras, and Uganda. Kendall will connect children at Global Playground's project sites with each other and facilitate cross-cultural dialogue among them. She will also assist with Global Playground's fundraising, marketing, and recruiting efforts; assist with donor outreach; research potential new projects; further develop Global Playground's relationships with its partner organizations; further develop the Teaching Fellows program; further develop Global Playground's vision and mission; and report regularly to Global Playground's Board about her work.

Global Playground congratulates its new Fellows!