Global Playground Announces Teaching Fellowships

Sunday, February 17, 2013 | posted by Unknown |

Applications to work as a Teaching Fellow at Global Playground projects in Thailand, Cambodia and Uganda are now available. Global Playground currently sponsors four annual Teaching Fellowships, in Honduras, Thailand, Cambodia and Uganda.

Teaching Fellows serve as ambassadors to the host country and to the local partnering organization at the project site in the country. Fellows spend one year at the project sites, teaching English and working in Global Playground’s schools, library and technology center. Teaching Fellows create and implement a curriculum promoting cross-cultural understanding. They also work to connect their project site with other Global Playground sites and schools in the United States to foster cross-cultural dialogue.

The Thailand Teaching Fellow works in Mae La Noi, Mae Hong Son Province teaching secondary school grades 6 through 12. The Cambodia Teaching Fellow will work in Koh Kel, Kandal Province teaching secondary school grades 7 through 9. The Uganda Teaching Fellow will work in Buwasa teaching primary school grades 1 through 7. 

Alex Youngblood, a teacher in Arizona, will begin his Teaching Fellowship in Honduras in May. Ryann Tanap is currently working in Thailand and will complete her fellowship in July. She is the third Teaching Fellow to be placed in Thailand. Candidates selected for Cambodia and Uganda will be the first Teaching Fellows in those positions.

“Global Playground’s Thailand Teaching Fellowship has allowed me to put what I’ve learned academically and in past service experience into action. I love working with the Mae La Noi Daroonsik community. They invited me into their community by sharing their cultures and traditions,” Tanap said. “Although I cannot change the circumstances that my students face, I can inspire them to also be agents of change in their lives by teaching, and also learning, with them.”

To apply to work as a Teaching Fellow, click here