Global Playground featured at "Active Citizens Conference"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 | posted by Jon Heifetz |
Global Playground participated in the William & Mary Active Citizens Conference, held on February 11 and 12 at The College of William & Mary's Mason School of Business.

Global Playground's Executive Director, Edward Branagan, and Chairman, Doug Bunch, helped facilitate the pre-conference workshop on "Starting a Non-Profit Organization" and gave a presentation entitled "What Can the Developing World Teach Us ?: Integrating Cross-Cultural Dialogue into U.S. Education."

Global Playground's goal at this conference was to raise awareness and to urge college students to active citizenship and involvement in the world. About two hundred students from several universities attended the conference .

During the presentation, Global Playground showed its student- photo exhibition, comprised of digital pictures taken by students in Cambodia, Honduras, and Thailand. "These pictures offer a glimpse into the lives of children in developing countries and reveal salient topics that can be discussed in U.S. classrooms," said Branagan. Such pictures can illustrate the values of a society, raise cultural awareness and curiosity among young children, and offer a "springboard" to delve into broader global issues such as the environment, health, poverty, and sanitation, added Branagan.

Chris Persels, a William & Mary student who attended the workshop commented that it offered "invaluable, actionable information needed to establish a non-profit corporation and institutionalize a vision for change."