Song and Dance: Conveying Hope and Building Schools

Friday, February 29, 2008 | posted by Global Playground News |

Throughout the developing world, people turn to song and dance to elevate their spirits and convey their hope for the future. Global Playground representatives witnessed this firsthand during their recent visit to Uganda when the children of the Buwasa village engaged in hours of spirited singing and dancing. While the children of the Buwasa village had used song and dance to express the hope that Global Playground's new school had brought to their futures, Global Playground in partnership with FarraNYC had used song and dance a few months earlier to help make that school a reality.

On Friday, November 16, Global Playground teamed up with FarraNYC at Branch, a night club in New York City, for a night of song and dance to support Global Playground's efforts around the globe. FarraNYC, an organization led by a group of young professionals, regularly throws themed parties at various locations throughout New York City. "Teaming up with FarraNYC made perfect sense," said board member Russ Altenburg. "Their parties have been a huge success and what better way to fundraise for Global Playground than through song and dance. After all, song and dance can overcome linguistic barriers to facilitate understanding and exchange between cultures, which is one of Global Playground's goals as it expands its operations around the world."

FarraNYC marketed the Branch event by inviting its extensive following to "come out and play for a good cause." And come they did. Hundreds of New York City partygoers came out for a night out on the town and were greeted at the door by Global Playground volunteers. "As we discussed the building of our schools in Uganda and Cambodia, people were excited about where Global Playground would build a school next and related their firsthand accounts about the lack of educational resources in other countries," said Global Playground volunteer Camilla Twisselman. As the night progressed and with the lights down low and the club bumping with salsa beats, small and large donations were made with the hope for a brighter future.

-Emily Lapolice

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