Land Purchased for First School in Wakiso

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 | posted by Doug Bunch |

Global Playground proudly announces the purchase of land in Uganda for its first school. Earlier this month, Global Playground in conjunction with Building Tomorrow purchased approximately three acres in Wakiso, the district which surrounds the capital city of Kampala, between the villages of Gurwe and Kanziro. Construction of the school will begin next month and conclude early next year.

Wakiso is an area of obvious need. Global Playground's school will serve a rural area with a large school-age population, many of whom are orphans and other vulnerable children. During a visit last October, Board members Edward Branagan and Doug Bunch met with the commissioner of Wakiso and his ministers of education, who will operate the school and sustain its long-term growth. The commissioner explained that at a time when HIV and AIDS plague the people of Wakiso, literacy -- an ability to read something as simple as the directions on a medicine bottle -- will save lives.

The local community, whose members will play a significant role in building and supporting Global Playground's new school, is very eager to get started. In January, Global Playground Board members will travel to Uganda to meet members of the community and view the progress of construction.

Check back soon for pictures and updates!