The Tribe Connection To Service

Thursday, January 11, 2007 | posted by Armistead Booker |
Our goal is to inspire young professionals — and that starts right at home. Four of Global Playground's five Board members are alumni of the College of William & Mary. Recently, William & Mary News featured an article about the work of Global Playground. According to the article, Global Playground "has touched both a need and a nerve."

According to one of our alumni Board members, Armistead Booker, it's about far more than building a school. Global Playground, he explained, is about "infrastructure — not just schools or classrooms, but libraries, technology, recreation areas and playgrounds," as well as intangible things like "the importance of economic, gender and race equality."

For Global Playground, the sky is the limit. After Uganda, Global Playground will look toward places like Cambodia, Thailand, and Kosovo as sites for its next projects.

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